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I have always known how exactly to research, I mean, by this point in my high school career it is almost a second nature to me now. I think I’ve known the basics since 9th grade, and now I guess I keep learning more specifics. So, for this assignment, we researched a small sub-division of the topic of “English” which on its own is rather broad. So what I did was narrow down what exactly I am going to research about, I mean, if I had started with a topic that broad I would never have been able to finish on time. That is were the thesis question comes in, where you have enough information that you can direct the rest of your research. Right know this is really all it is, but later if we are planning to do a paper of some sort it will turn into the thesis statement or whatever equivelent we need. So after the topic question is selected, I searched the surface web for any more specifics. I do believe I typed into google; “english and communications” “Mass media and english” or “technology’s effect education” and this yielded quite a few results. So from here, I jotted down a couple of keywords, and used the “deep web” or in other words, some online databases of credible sources. So far I have about seven sources, none of them are completely read yet, but I am finding out that social networking, texting, and technology in general are not as black and white as some people think. In fact, some people would even argue that texting does help students in some ways, in others, it might not. Whatever the case, it seemed like an interesting topic and I believed it would be something I would enjoy learning about. That is one more tip with research, if you can pick your topic PICK SOMETHING INTERESTING TO YOU! Otherwise, it is all just mindless information that will never stick with you anyway. Here is what I found on my topic:


Deep web

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  1. Good tip!

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